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While Panasonic continues to do its numbers in the marketplace, it dropped in preference in the Smart TV category because of lack of breakthrough innovations. Hence, this year, it seeks to redefine the Smart TV category by introducing an altogether new category: Life + Screen. For the first time, your tv becomes personal. Personalization is in the form of cutting edge features...senses your presence, recognizes your voice command, info bar,
4k etc.

The film which is part of a 360 degree campaign, is a dramatization of the interaction between the viewer and Life + Screen. It seeks to take the experience to an altogether different zone. Just how exciting can it be to switch on a television and watch a program? With Life + Screen you literally go beyond what you have been doing for years.

In terms of the story, it is Ranbir's interaction with the Life + Screen. To give it that extra bigness the film is set in a square and not in a living room. Every feature depicted is larger than life to give the viewer an idea that his experience is virtually going to go beyond his imagination.

A new kind of tv experience is born.