Rabid Films

Rabid Films is one of India’s newest and most art-attack prone commercial production companies in the business today. We make films that help our clients enhance their communication in the richest form of art.

We are not as merely a production house to execute a storyboard but as ‘look generators’ for the entire creative process."

Our experience across different techniques and technologies and our understanding of the various mediums of advertising and communication provides us with valuable implementation advantages, which helps our customers achieve consistency across all channels of communication.

Rabid Films’ success in the short time that it has been active is due to an awareness and commitment to reading the changing needs of the industry while retaining creative integrity and building strong relationships within the industry.


• Production of end-to-end full length Films
• Script Writing
• Film Direction
• Film Editing
• Voice Recording & Background Music
• Post Production(3D & 2D animation)
• Compositing
• Viral Films
• Videos for Digital Media
• Mobile Movies
• Radio Production
• Music Videos
• Movie Marketing/Film Promotion: print, TV, internet

Rabid Films Website : www.rabidfilms.in

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