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JIVI Mobiles

After selling hard-working feature phones for over two years, JIVI Mobiles is making a big foray into the mainstream media space - to create a strong brand presence in consumers' minds. With a range of truly powerful devices that are best suited to India's tough conditions, JIVI introduces many innovative products that play a genuine role in improving the quality of life for their users. Featured in the launch TV commercial are The JIVI Fan phone, the JIVI Boombox Speaker phone, the JIVI LED BULB phone and a top-of-the-line JIVI Smart phone with Unbreakable Glass. With such a stand-out offering at extremely affordable prices, JIVI Mobiles is poised to take the market by storm.

Endorsed by the universally accepted Brand Ambassador and Bollywood celebrity Irrfan Khan, the story evolves as a journey that Irrfan makes into India's heartland. While on a long-distance train trip, he encounters people with various JIVI Mobile phones, and realizes how cleverly they put the unique features of their JIVI Mobile phones to work - taking maximum advantage - to help them perform better in their own work/ life situation.

He observes a rail-line maintenance worker beating the heat with the JIVI fan phone, a tea-stall owner innovatively putting a call out to draw customers, with his JIVI Boombox phone. Even a young girl-student studying by night with the help of her JIVI LED Bulb phone. His own JIVI Smart phone accidentally falls and survives being run-over by heavy luggage, the glass and phone intact.