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J L Morison - Morisons Baby Dreams - SmartMums Campaign

Today's age is the age of equality. Why should a woman sacrifice it all to make the best of her home, when she can be a magician and juggle it all? Morisons Baby Dreams focuses on today′s mothers, a generation of smart mums who know it all and can be all, if they so desire. As opposed to the earlier beliefs, when a mother solely is a nurturer and a care taker, the brand caters to the needs of young mothers with aspirations and dreams. A mother today addresses the needs of her young ones by actively searching, surfing, reviewing various commodities online as opposed to earlier trends. She is alert and relies only on the best for her family needs. Morisons Baby Dreams supports her in her endeavors to fulfill her desires and be the complete woman she wishes to be.

The Smart Mum campaign created by IBD captures all the nuances of today′s multitasking mom who gets flustered by nothing. She is a supermom who has the ability to give her baby the best, maintain her career and most importantly, her individuality. She is a complete woman, not just a mother.