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Panasonic, a global consumer goods and electronic major, makes products that not only enhance the quality of life for consumers, but protect, preserve and nurture the environment while doing so, thereby creating 'a better life, a better world'.

India has the largest population of youth in the world. Over 50% of its population today consists of people who are either in their teens, 20s or 30s. They are the ones central to decision making in almost every single household across the nation. Realizing this, Panasonic took a conscious decision to align itself with the youth of the country - not the Gen 'X' or the Gen 'Y', but the all-important Gen ‘I’ - the youth who is not just about I, me and myself but also intelligent, interconnected and truly Indian at heart.

The insight of the campaign came from a research report, which highlighted the dichotomy that exists in today’s youth.

Extremely forward thinking, modern and intelligent on one hand, the youth are also traditional at heart. And it is the art of balancing the choices between his mind and heart that makes him so special, so real. Frankly, these choices are what create a better life and a better world.

He has 400 friends on his friend list, yet he knows he can count his real buddies on his fingertips.He subscribes to or has access to everything about beauty and health, yet he knows that the secret of looking good is in eating right.He knows how to be in the moment, even when he is recording it. He responds with a LOL to a joke he receives; yet he bursts out laughing when he reads them. And yes, he knows good memories are preserved longer in his heart than in his hard drive.

The films are a celebration of this thinking. By acknowledging it, the brand seeks to be one with the youth, forging a connect that’s as strong as it is real.

In fact these spots are really about evoking that sense of the real reason why they are shot in a style that represents the real, natural, visceral world that Panasonic creates with its products which are integral to life.